Steiner-Pinzetten - Made in Germany

This means to us that all of our instruments are produced in our production facility in Engen. For this, we solely use blanks from our suppliers in Solingen. Our instruments are class 1 products, they are delivered non-sterile and do not execute measuring functions.

Our instruments are produced in compliance with current national and international standards. According to these regulations, our standard forceps are manufactured from stainless, hardenable steel (material 1.4024 or 1.4021). During the production process, all instruments undergo the procedure of electropolishing and passivation plus a 100% boiling test.

Upon consultation, the final processing of the surface is carried out according to customer specifications. Our standard instruments are delivered with a matt-finished surface.
On request, we can also manufacture forceps from other materials such as stainless, nonhardenable steels (1.4301 or 1.4401) or titanium (material grade 1 or grade 2; 3.7025 or 3.7035). If you are interested, we kindly ask for your request as, for these materials, we generally have to check the availability of the raw materials.

Certain titanium models are manufactured regularly. You can find these in our catalogue under the description of “Titanium forceps”.

Besides our described standard program, we also manufacture numerous customer-specific models and model variations (see also section “New Developments”).

If you have any further questions concerning our products, please do not hesitate to contact us.